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Great Grey Owl portrait. Oct. '17.
Long Eared Owl with mouse prey. Oct. '17.
Snowy Owl portrait. Sept. '16.
Barn Owl on post with dropped wings. Sept. '16.
Long Eared Owl portrait. Sept. '16.
Barn Owl in leaf framed window 1. Oct. '15.
Short Eared Owl in flight 1. Apr. '15.
Barn Owl in window 1. Oct. '14.
Little Owl fluffed up 1. Oct. '14.
Tawny on spring branch 2.
2 Young Tawny Owls.
Barn Owl in flight,with vole.
Tawny in flight,calling.
Sunset silhouetted Barn Owl.
Barn Owl in the snow 1.

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