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Exmoor Pony,Eye. Oct. '17.
Exmoor Pony,Goofy.
Exmoor Ponies,photobomber. Oct. '17.
Exmoor Pony Character. Oct. '17.
Hedgehog drinking. Apr '17.
Hedgehog on lawn. Apr '17.
Adult and calf Bottle nose Dolphins. Apr '17.
Grey Seal surfacing in harbour. Mar '17.
Common Seal portrait. Oct. '16.
Common Seal relaxing on its' back. Oct.'16.
Common Seal relaxing on its' side. Oct. '16.
Young Common Seal. Oct. '16.
Exmoor Pony silhouette 1. Oct. '16.
Exmoor Pony and the lady. Oct. '16.
Exmoor Pony on the ridge. Oct. '16.

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