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Otter rising up through the water. Aug. '11.
Young Brown Hare,stretching backlit. Apr. '11.
Brown Hare,with attitude. Apr. '11.
Roe Deer,f.Feb.'11.
Mountain Hare in the snow 1. 4/3/'10.
Grey Squirrel,sat eating nut.
Stoat and pheasant prey 2.
The feeder and the flipper. Nov. '20.
Female Grey Seal and playful pup. Nov. '20.
Female Grey Seal on shingle. Nov. '20.
Female Grey Seal landscape. Nov. '20.
In the land of nod. Nov. '20.
Yellow Cutey. Nov. '20.
Stuck. Nov. '20.
Between a rock and a hard place. Nov. '20.

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