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Golden Plover. May'10.
Golden Plover,calling. May'10.
Golden Plover,all shook up. May'10.
Curlew silhouette 2. May'10.
Curlew silhouette 1. May'10.
Red Grouse f in burnt heather.24.04.'10
Red Grouse f in heather.24.04.'10
Red Grouse f,all shook up 24.04.'10
Red Grouse f in snow and heather.4/3/'10.
Red Grouse in the snow(All Shook Up)1. 3/3/'10.
Red Grouse in snow,stepping forward.3/3/'10.
Red Grouse in snow,with raised foot.3/3/'10.
Young Herring Gull in flight.
Red Legged Partridge,facing away.
Red Grouse in grasses,close up.

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