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Grey Seal bull looking for females. Nov. '20.
Female Grey Seal rushing ashore,away from bull. Nov. '20.
Grey Seals,bull and cow,on rocks in stormy sea.
Young battle scarred Grey Seal bull. Nov. '20.
Grey Seals after mating. Nov. '20.
Grey Seals mating 1. Nov. '20.
Grey Seals mating 2. Nov. '20.
Grey Seals mating 3. Nov. '20.
Grey Seal bull and cow foreplay. Nov. '20.
Grey Seal pup nuzzles mum 2. Nov. '20.
Grey Seal pup nuzzles mum. Nov. '20.
Grey Seal pup and coastline. Nov. '20.
The feeder and the flipper. Nov. '20.
Female Grey Seal and playful pup. Nov. '20.
Female Grey Seal on shingle. Nov. '20.

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