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Adult Male Kingfisher feeds youngster.
Puffin with sandeels,stood with wings out 3. June '11.
Red Grouse in heather 10. Aug '10.
Puffin,lift off. Jul '10.
Ringed Plover f,calling. Jun '10.
Curlew,calling 1. Jun '10.
Red Grouse in the snow(All Shook Up 2) 3/3/'10.
Grey Heron in slow motion river.
Kingfisher,f with fish.
Cock Pheasant,displaying.
Tern with sand eel.
2 Great Crested Grebes. Mar '19.
Male Red Grouse close up. Apr '19.
Northern Wheatear. Apr '19.
Great Crested Grebe with weed. Mar '19.

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